We all know protein builds and regenerates muscles. It’s the building blocks of life. Well, when you join the BUILT movement, you will help build and regenerate content and become the building blocks behind spreading the BUILT message. Let’s join forces and tell the world about the best tasting protein ever BUILT! We can't wait to share what you create.



  • Receive a 10% discount code for you and your followers.
  • Earn 10% commission on ALL orders through your link and code.
  • Enjoy exclusive access to new products, promotions, campaigns, events, giveaways, and other insider information!
  • Earn weekly PayPal payouts from your commission.

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It's time to get your protein on!

As a BUILT ambassador, nobody knows the benefits of protein better than you. You’re aware that protein is the building blocks of life - the key to our skin looking good, our hair having good hair days, our hearts beating loudly, our brains doing brainy things like math, our muscles feeling like they could appear in the next superhero movie, and that it even boosts our mental health.

And since you have such exceptional protein knowledge, we, at BUILT, are challenging you to spread our macros message. 

After all, if everybody on planet earth needs protein, shouldn’t it be the best tasting protein ever BUILT? 

That’s exactly why BUILT Bar was built. So join our movement and shout our macros message to the masses. So everybody knows that they don’t just need protein, they GOTTA have it. 

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